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Does it cost extra to use a Travel Advisor? 

Traditionally,  no.  Here's how it works.  

  • For starters,  The Travel Nook® team are full service Tour & Travel operators.  We work really hard to  prepare custom,  intricate itineraries.  
  • Did you know?   Travel Advisors only get paid  IF & AFTER  you travel.   It's important to find a qualified advisor you feel confident with & work together.  You'll never be just a number with us.  
  • Lastly, and here's the biggie...  If all you care about is price -- And quality or service are not important factors -- Then we are not the right  Advisors for you. 

How do we join The Travel Nook®  Family? 

We provide free consultations for your trip.  Give us a call!   To proceed with a quote, The Travel Nook will impose a minimum of $250.00 "Quote Request surcharge " for groups or individual Trip planners.   We'll provide either 3 options OR a quote with 2 revisions.  This acts as an "Intent To Travel" retainer & will be applied to your travel package.**    Should travel not manifest from the quote, or if the packages are not suitable, the surcharge becomes compensation for our research & services.   It's very fair.  

**The Crystal Ball:  Will additional fees apply?**     

 It depends on the workload.   All situations will be evaluated on an individual basis and are at the discretion of The Travel Nook®.  We work very hard to provide the best package based on your wishlist.  But sometimes last minute requests, availability or budget may cause a request to go unfulfilled, or your requests might exceed the quote limits.   We are unable to determine this at time of consultation, but we will try our hardest!  Please note that quote request fees are final sale, non-refundable & cannot be disputed.  Abusive behavior or language for unfulfilled or unsatisfactory quotes will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate termination without refund.   We are here to save you time and money.  That's what we are paid to do.   Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information. 


Nothing makes us happier than delivering a trip of lifetime & we have a wonderful memory gallery to show it!   We know you're really busy and we are here to help.   The Travel Nook ® looks forward to hosting you

Now that all the fine print is out of the way, click below to start the quoting process.




Please use this payment portal ONLY IF...

  • You have already completed your Quote Request Form
  • You‘re booking something MORE than just airfare.  If only booking airfare, please contact us first. 


  • Quoting will not begin until we have received your completed Quote Request Form & Quote Request Fee.  
  • Quote Requests are done on a first-come, first serve basis.   Depending on your package it may take some time.
  • We will consider your date of departure, however...  If your intended travel date is within 30 days  please contact us directly before submitting payment.   
  • If your form & fee are received on a weekend or during closed hours, they will be addressed on the next operational day.       


** Cardholder must match a traveling guest   Additional ID verification may be required. 

** For your protection, please refrain from using debit cards for travel transactions.  

By making a secure payment below you have carefully reviewed & understand all the terms above and accept The Travel Nook's Terms & Conditions by  clicking here

Should there be any issues or concerns with your payment you will hear from us.  Once your payment is processed, you'll receive an instant receipt & or hear from our office us within 48 hrs or less.