Tour Guides

Being a Tour Guide or Tour Director is a complex job that is both very rewarding & extremely demanding. A Tour Guide may be the reason for the success, or or demise of a tour. The Travel Nook is dedicated to hiring the best because in many cases, the Tour Guide is the only representative that the traveler ever gets to meet. We have an extensive training program for our Guides so we may deliver an impeccable standard of service to our customers. That's what keeps them coming back! 

What does a Tour Guide do exactly? 

A Tour Guide's responsibility is to keep everyone organized so they know what's going on in a foreign place.  This means taking care of all the logistics, expediting all the facets of the tour & sometimes giving a tour commentary.    Many people already do this for their families already and that's a good start.  Now add 50+ people.  Guides need to be assertive but calm, good public speakers, extremely detail oriented, organized and above all, patient all while keeping a smile on their faces.  The days can be long and you'll definitely get plenty of steps in.  We require our staff to be able bodied, presentable, energetic  & enthusiastic about each destination.  Add a good bag of tricks and some funny anecdotes and you'll make each tour really special! 

There are some really great rewards to being a Tour Guide!

  • You get to travel!  One-day trips, multi-day trips, bus, plane, boat, train, trolley, tram & more! 
  • You don't necessarily need to have visited your tour destination.  A little research & guidance from us will help you along!  
  • People are entrusting you to see things they have never seen before.  Especially children.  Seeing curious minds in a new world is a wonderful feeling.   When they follow intently and ask questions it's priceless.   
  • In some cities a Touring Certification is required. In many cases added knowledge of history, culture, the language or specific areas of concentration such as: art, geography, music or certain cultures is very beneficial. Specialties like this, or personal experience may contribute extra incentives or gratuities on your tour!
  • Expenses are paid.* Depending on the package, almost everything that is covered for the guests is also covered for the Tour Guide.* You get to enjoy all the attractions, meals, etc... as well.
  • Learn & Explore. Some tours have time on your own to explore. Some tours have added local step-on Certified Guides for in-depth touring. You get to enjoy seeing & learning new things for the first time as well!
  • Excellent training & perks! Our Training program is a vigorous one & by invitation only. If your application is accepted, not only will you learn the facets of our organization, but you'll also learn an immense amount of safety precautions, time saving travel tools, fun facts, life skills, organizational tools, destination secrets and receive travel & workshop opportunities from us!
  • Meet amazing people. Every tour is different, each group has it's own charm that makes all our tours one-of-a-kind. Whether veterans, professionals, teachers, community centers, musicians, scouts or families it doesn't matter. Establishing a good rapport with a group makes you feel like you're part of their "family." Happy Group leaders request their favorite guides for repeat business and that's great for everyone!
  • A good salary. Tour Guide salary is an excellent compensation. Not only do you get paid, but you also have extra incentives to earn more, along with the extra perk of getting to travel. You also have the opportunity to make gratuities on top of your scheduled salary.
  • You make your own schedule! Tours are offered to our Guides as they are booked. If you would like to accept the tour, you're booked. If you're busy, you pass. EASY! 

Sounds easy?   

Now count your guests & keep track of all of them while you pretend your are 411.  Where are you?  What are the driver's rules?  Can we switch our roommates?  Did everyone get their tickets?  What are we looking at?  What's for dinner?  How far is the hotel? Where are the nearest restrooms?  We have a no-show, but we have a replacement.  Someone is leaving our tour early. Count.  Meet in a 1/2 hour at the theatre.  I have a food allergy.  Don't be late for the White House tour. What do you mean they are out of honey-mustard?  Can I leave my stuff on the bus?  Where is the wheelchair ramp?  I have a child ticket , will they let me in?  A roll-away bed is needed in this room. Can we put the movie back on? When was this statue built?  Count.  What if it rains?   I can't find my brother.  Will security take my bottled water?  I forgot my camera on the bus.  Do we have time to visit my cousin?   Should I take my jacket?  Count again.  Who's sculpture is this?  Where is there a pharmacy?  Will they have waffles for breakfast tomorrow?  ARE WE THERE YET???????



The Travel Nook team offers positions for travel coordinators, sales associates & apprenticeships / internships.  If you are interested in learning more the field or applying for a spot on our team, please complete and submit our application for review.  Include a photo & a resume as well.