Celebrations At Sea

Weddings, anniversaries, vow renewals, birthdays, quincinieras, celebrations at sea

Family celebrations, Reunions, Destination Weddings, Fundraisers & Performance Groups are all wonderful group events to host at sea.  It's affordable, fun & there's something for all, regardless of age, mobility, lifestyle & budget.  ASK US HOW, we're certified!

Corporate Events at Sea

Corporate conferences, meetings, incentives trips, corporate events at sea

Bring your next corporate conference, sales incentive meetings, or professional development event on board.  Corporate events at sea are a great way to increase productivity & morale.  Plus with so many inclusions, it's more cost-effective  too!  ASK US HOW, we're certified! 

Ocean Cruising

Ocean cruises, islands, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, French Polynesia

Ocean cruising is the most cost-efficient & inclusive way to travel.  There's a ship to fit everyone's style & budget.  From exciting, deluxe mega-ships to premium, luxury yachts, the seas are yours to explore.  See world & only unpack once!  

River Cruising

River Cruise, Danube, Rhine, Mekong, Rhône, Mississippi

Get closer & stay longer.  Spend more time exploring cities on board a river longship.  It's a completely immersive & luxury experience for you to enjoy.  Explore these international gateways from your floating palace & be transformed forever.  

Special Needs At Sea - We're Certified!

Special Needs Equipment, Autism, accessible travel

Did you know...  Guests now have the opportunity to have accessibility & the means to enjoy their vacation.   Everything from wheelchairs & oxygen, to scooters & children's programs for autism.   Contact us to discuss the  resources available for you & your family.  

Book Cruise Excursions

Sightseeing, tours, shore excursions, snorkel, scuba, dive, culture, memories

Make the most of each port of call!   Whether adventure, food & culture, history, photography, animal encounters or a private driver are you thing...  We'll help you plan the perfect activities for your itinerary.